We want others to know what an impact our Teachers and Staff make in the lives of those who engage in our services. Our hope is that everyone who is part of Motivating Minds can share these same experiences.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Miss Christine for a few years now, and she has been nothing but wonderful in every way, shape, and form. Miss Christine and I have been able to work together in the classroom and in an academic summer camp. In these environments, I have witnessed someone who has a strong passion for teaching and learning truly excel in their area of work. Miss Christine is extremely successful with each and every child she comes in contact with. Her patience, love, and compassion shine through as she takes the time to assess each child’s personal needs and helps them master whatever topic they may be working on. She is not only there for a child’s academic needs, but also their social needs. She creates an environment of safety and comfort that promotes growth in each student. Personally and professionally, I have a high regard for Miss Christine and all that she does to create a strong future for her students."


—  Katherine Roberts - Bachelor of Elementary - Education ESOL Certified

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