Group Homeschool

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Our Homeschool Program is designed for children with all abilities. Whether your child has specific learning needs, a demanding schedule, or you just prefer a flexible learning environment compared to a traditional classroom setting.

Students are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace with each topic that is taught- above, on, or below their given grade level. This allows each student to truly master the material that is being taught.

Our goal is to develop the whole child. We work to build each child’s confidence by giving their strengths purpose and relating them to the real world, so they can visualize how they can use their talents in the future. By identifying their weaknesses, we can help them develop strategies to strengthen them. As each child is unique, we believe that it is important to celebrate their strengths.

We offer a variety of programs that are not commonly found in other schools.  Our math program, Rapid Recall, allows students to learn basic math facts while improving their auditory processing skills. Once their basic math facts are learned, they will excel in higher levels of math. We also incorporate a processing program where the students focus on kinesthetic, visual, and auditory drills that strengthen their processing and connect their left and right brain.


We admire and love that every child has specific needs, and we work diligently to team up with you, the parents, to create an academic plan that works best for you and your family.

Group Homeschool Components