Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my child will be learning every day?

We provide a detailed report as to what areas we reviewed for that day, and we will let you know which areas need more improvement.

What age group do you teach?

We have different tutors for each age group, so we are able to work with a wide range of students between the ages 3-15.

How do I know I will see improvement in my child's grades each quarter?

At Motivating Minds, we are dedicated to your child’s success. As in the past, we always ask to see report cards, so that we can make sure their markings are rising. This also gives us the opportunity to see the areas they need more improvement in. Your students success is our success!

What types of degrees and certifications do your teachers and tutors have?

The majority of our tutors have a Master’s Degree and specific teaching certifications.

What is a Sensory Break?

A “sensory break” provides children with sensory input, such as jumping, climbing, crawling, etc. We believe in the importance of getting children up and moving around every 45 minutes as this allows them to get their “wiggles” out and maintain better attention.