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Welcome to TOWNE! 


A curriculum designed and implemented to Teach Our Worldly New Entrepreneurs.

This exciting and engaging program encourages our students to adopt a new way of learning and creative expression to grasp fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and gain confidence in both business and life skills. Working in tandem with our in-house art department, students conceptualize, execute, and market their unique ideas by completing a variety of projects centered around sense of self, community, and team building.


Previous projects include establishing a township with its own currency, storefronts, and governing bodies, where important matters such as monetary value, banking systems, taxes, the law of supply and demand, and civic duty are critical to its success.


More recently, our students designed their very own Monopoly inspired board, K-B-Opoly, to help support the local businesses of Key Biscayne, where our establishment resides, and boost the profile of its historical locations. This project helped our students cultivate essential skills such as budgeting and forecasting, the art of sales and negotiation, product design and development, advertising, and fundraising. The board was such a success that it won “Most Creative Stand” at the 2020 Acton Children’s Business Fair.


You can purchase your very own K-B-Opoly board for $20 at our facility and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity of the students’ choosing.

This term, students who are part of this specialized program will focus on public speaking and persuasion.


Please join us for this next chapter of TOWNE as there is always a fun, new adventure around the corner…